Ph.D. Outstanding Thesis Award

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Universidad Carlos III Madrid

The academic community at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid recognizes the unique merits and values of theses developed in our institution with the Ph.D. Outstanding Thesis Award.

This recognition regards the high quality of original works of research based on their scientific and technological contributions to the stock of knowledge in their field. According to the volume of work produced by each Ph.D. program, this award is granted on a yearly or biyearly basis. All new doctors who graduated during the previous academic year with a cum laude distinction are eligible for this award.

The history of the Outstanding Thesis Awards in the realm of doctoral studies at uc3m already shows notable achievements, which our institution wishes to make visible and share with society as proof of our students’ ongoing research efforts. Since 1999, uc3m has honored with this award the quality of almost 300 original pieces or Ph.D. research work developed in our different departments and institutes.