The IBaCoP Planning System: Instance-Based Configured Portfolios

Published in Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR), 2016

Recommended citation: Isabel Cenamor, Tomás de la Rosa, Fernando Fernández (2016). "The IBaCoP Planning System: Instance-Based Configured Portfolios" JAIR.56.

Sequential planning portfolios are very powerful in exploiting the complementary strength of different automated planners. The main challenge of a portfolio planner is to define which base planners to run, to assign the running time for each planner and to decide in what order they should be carried out to optimize a planning metric. Portfolio configurations are usually derived empirically from training benchmarks and remain fixed for an evaluation phase. In this work, we create a per-instance configurable portfolio, which is able to adapt itself to every planning task. The proposed system pre-selects a group of candidate planners using a Pareto-dominance filtering approach and then it decides which planners to include and the time assigned according to predictive models. These models estimate whether a base planner will be able to solve the given problem and, if so, how long it will take. We define different portfolio strategies to combine the knowledge generated by the models. The experimental evaluation shows that the resulting portfolios provide an improvement when compared with non-informed strategies. One of the proposed portfolios was the winner of the Sequential Satisficing Track of the International Planning Competition held in 2014.

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Vol 56 (2016)

Published Aug 31, 2016