Summer School - Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems


Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems (ARTS) is a COST EU Network, aiming to build up a community investigating the underlying principles, feasibility and implications of self-managing road transport systems. As part of that effort the Network will provide the opportunity, through short, intensive training schools, for scientists and engineers to build up their knowledge and motivation to start a career in this area. The Training School is aimed particularly at early career researchers in traffic engineering, computer science and transport studies, providing intensive training to research students and re-training professions. The course will cover principles, techniques and applications concerned with embedding autonomic properties into road traffic control systems.


To give attendees:

  • a grounding in the (a) modelling of road traffic (b) the principles of autonomic systems (c) techniques relevant to the implementation of autonomic properties in systems, including agent-based and traditional artificial intelligence-based approaches
  • an appreciation of (a) the challenges in effective road traffic support (b) relevant current and past research (c) potential and implications of autonomic systems


The School is being organized by programme chairs Prof Omer Rana and Dr Neila Bhouri with the support of the local organization committee: Dr Zoi Christoforou from the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and Dr mahdi Zargayouna from Ifsttar, Marne La Valée, France.

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