Bachelor’s Degree: Finance and Accounting - Semester 2

Undergraduate course, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Departamento de informatica, 2011

(4/4 academic year)

Computer Applications in Finance

  • Course 2011/2012 (Lab teacher)


  • Knowledge of the benefits of using computer applications in finance
  • Identifying a problem of prediction, classification and optimization in finance field
  • Learning how to prepare the financial information for computer processing
  • Understanding the different metrics for evaluating models
  • Knowledge of different computational techniques for prediction, classification and optimization
  • Being able to relate the type of problem with the type of technique
  • Applying computational techniques for solving problems in the financial field
  • Having skills of using computational tools in the financial area
  • Having the ability to evaluate the results obtained through computer applications
  • Being able to properly propose the different phases for the resolution of a problem using the techniques discussed
  • Having the Ability to assess the advantages and disadvantages of using each technique to a specific problem

Study Program

  1. Introduction to computers in the financial field
  2. Preparation of financial information for computer processing
  3. Metrics for evaluating models
  4. Computational techniques for classifying in finance
  5. Computational techniques for predicting financial time series
  6. Computational techniques for financial optimization