Mining IPC-2011

Published in WORKSHOP, 2012

Recommended citation: Isabel Cenamor, Tomas de la Rosa. (2012). "Mining IPC-2011 ." Proceedings of ICAPS-12 workshop on International Planning Competition.

The International Planning Competition (IPC) offers a wonderful scope to evaluate and compare different planning approaches and specific planner implementations in benchmark domains. In IPC 2011, the software generated for the competition permits to obtain a lot of data about the execution of all the planners in the different tracks in a simple way, which permits its recovery and use. In this work, we propose to analyze such data from a Data Mining (DM) perspective, including additional features which can be useful for the analysis. In such a way, we are able to construct models of the results obtained, allowing us to make additional analysis to the ones performed by the organizers. In this work, we report some initial analysis after constructing classification and regression models for the sequential satisficing and optimal track

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