IBACOP and IBACOP2 Planner

Published in International Planning Competition , 2014

Recommended citation: Isabel Cenamor and Tomas de la Rosa and Fernando Fernandez (2014). "IBACOP and IBACOP2 Planner" IPC. https://icenamor.github.io/files/IBaCoPPlanner.pdf

This manuscript describes several planning portfolios that use the same base planners. Our Instance Based Configured Portfolios follow two different strategies. IBaCoP is configured a priori following a Pareto efficiency approach to select a sub-set of planners (baseline strategy), which receive the same execution time for all planning problems. On the contrary, IBaCoP2 decides for each problem the sub-set of planners to use. Such decisions are based on predictive models learnt also with training instances gathered from previous executions of the base planners. Both portfolios compete in the sequential satisficing, agile and multi-core tracks

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