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IBaCoP (IPC-2014)

IBaCoP is the result of applying the Pareto efficiency technique (Censor 1977) to select a sub-set of planners from the planners in sequential satisficing track plus LPG-td. We select the planners that dominates all others in at least one domain (from a set of training domains), taking into account quality and time. We assign the same running time for all selected planners



Published in International Planning Competition, 2018

Temporal Portfolio

Recommended citation: Isabel Cenamor, Mauro Vallati, Lukas Chrpa, Tomas de la Rosa and Fernando Fernandez. (2018). "TemPoRal: Temporal Portfolio Algorithm." IPC.


Summer School - Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems


Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems (ARTS) is a COST EU Network, aiming to build up a community investigating the underlying principles, feasibility and implications of self-managing road transport systems. As part of that effort the Network will provide the opportunity, through short, intensive training schools, for scientists and engineers to build up their knowledge and motivation to start a career in this area. The Training School is aimed particularly at early career researchers in traffic engineering, computer science and transport studies, providing intensive training to research students and re-training professions. The course will cover principles, techniques and applications concerned with embedding autonomic properties into road traffic control systems.



Pre-defense of the thesis in Spanish